Micro Soldering Services


Micro Soldering services for iPads and iPhones.


Micro soldering services backlight, FPC and logic board component replacement interaction and fees.


  • iPad and iPhone FPC connector services: Send the logic board only. Our technician can remove and re-install the logic board from the rear housing for a $12.70 fee.
  • iPad backlight services: Send the logic board installed in the rear housing, do not ship the LCD or digitizer. or send the entire iPad and our technician can open, clean and re-seal it after service for a $33 fee.
  • iPhone backlight service: Send the whole iPhone with or without the LCD/digitizer assembly.
  • NOTE: The iPhone 6 backlight failure can be caused by a number of issues. Most of the time a filter and or diode replacement will fix the problem. This service does not cover the backlight IC, or Coil replacement nor does is cover any trace repair from long screw damage, or if there is a short to ground from the capacitor damage.

Do not send original boxes, protective cases or any accessories. ($9.70 fee for returning these items)

If you do not see the service you need, please contact us for a free quote.

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Micro Soldering

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