iPad Digitizer services.

Our certified Apple hardware technician (ACMT, ACDT, A+, CIS) and well over 19 years experience working on Apple products. The Professional grade equipment used includes: Laminair flow bench, providing a particulate free environment when closing the digitizer. Hot air workstation used to aid in removing a damaged digitizer. ESD safe workplace. High quality replacement parts include Pre cut 3M adhesive tape. MG Chemicals cleaners and adhesives.


iPhone Digitizer Replacement services.

Carefully pack and ship your iPhone.
You will be notified upon receipt of the iPhone, receive status updates during the repair service.
Return shipping will occur one business day after service is complete.
Typically 2 day turn around.

The service includes a New digitizer/LCD assembly installed by a Apple certified technician.
The iPhone is cleaned, inspected and pre tested. Our Apple certified technician will remove the old damaged screen. The camera is then removed from the old screen and installed to the new one. The iPhone is moved to our Laminar flow clean bench that allows for particulate free repairs. The screen is tested then the iPhone is carefully closed
Tested one more time and the iPhone is cleaned, packed and return shipped. This service has free return shipping included.

Installed by a Apple certified ACDT, ACPT, CIS, A+ technician.