About Us

Servicing Apple, Dell, Compaq, Toshiba H.P. for over 19 years.

It all started with punch cards.

Then taking apart every electronic item in sight.

James obtained a Computer Information Systems degree from a small college solidified my direction of work. 19+ Years in the field servicing Dell, Apple, Toshiba, Compaq and H.P. servers, laptops, and desktops. Then the iPod was born. Service direction changed to consumer electronics and everything was made smaller. Receiving Apple ACDT, ACPT, A+, and pending IPC certifications helps to keep up with technology and its ever changing tides.

Ashland Mac Repair provides iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, desktop, laptop and tablet repair and service.

Using the latest equipment assures an excellent repair rate. The workshop is filled with such names as AmScope, for micro soldering backlight chips the size of a grain of sand; LY IR-9000, a dark IR re work station, used for soldering small plastic connectors that are located inside iPads, iPhones and other electronics; Hakko, a maker of soldering equipment; Microzone, the only known clean room in Ashland Oregon. This bench size enclosure circulates particle free air. This ensures no specs of dust in your iPad, iPhone or Samsung screen. AMC was passed to Andres Rivero in 2022 and has continued to server the Rogue Valley for quality repairs.

Owner, Andres Rivero

We employ strict electronic recycling practices, and can accept any of your old small electronics. We use the latest technology at Ashland Mac Repair in order to exceed the customers expectations.

Ashland Mac Repair

“This man James Sheridan is great. Totally helped me out with kindness and knowledge at every step. Take you Mac to him Ashland, you won’t regret it!”

“Perfect solution to my problem! James is knowledgeable and goes out of his way to fix things. I am in California and asked him to fix a relative’s computer in Ashland. Fast response. Excellent work!”

Quality is achieved by doing what you love, and using the right tools for the service at hand. For example micro soldering without an AmScope radio microscope can be done but it will not be the quality and standards required by Ashland Mac Repair.

“Ashland Mac Repair truly exceeded my expectations. One day my mac mini wouldn’t power up. In less than a day James found the problem and called me to get my ok to order the part. He said it would take about four days to fix. That was Thursday. On Monday he called to tell me it was fixed. Ashland is lucky to have such a friendly and competent Apple Certified Mac technition in town. Go no further.”

Convenience is created, with ease of service from your end. Our online services we use 2-3 day Priority USPS mail to ship your products after the service is completed. Typical repair time varies from 1-3 business days. Some services are completed within one day.

Life lessons are the best education. Lightly helped write Cobol code at age 13, Built my first DOS based desktop at age 15, College educated in Computer Information Systems, 19+ years as an onsite Dell/Apple/Hughes Sat Com technician. Now owner and lead technician at Ashland Mac Repair.